Mesoestetic cosmelan pack

Mesoestetic Cosmelan : The world’s number 1 depigmentation treatment

Hyperpigmentation has various causes and is a common problem. Such as sun damage, pregnancy, a disturbed hormone balance, skin ageing, use of contraception and menopause. A medical peeling or pigment laser are good treatments to treat superficially located pigments.
Deeper located pigment is often more difficult to remove.
For deeper located pigments Mesoestetic has developed the Cosmelan treatment, which is for all skin types an effective treatment to reduce pigmentation. Moreover, this Cosmelan treatment is also anti-aging.

Why Cosmelan?

At this moment Cosmelan is one of the most powerful treatments in the world against pigmentation. The Cosmelan products consist of ingredients of plant and chemical origin, which work on the different stages of pigmentation. The basis of the “Cosmelan mask” is the ingredient Amalan and has a direct effect on the subcutaneous process that forms pigment (melanin).
It inhibits the tyrosinase (a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process). The Cosmelan mask also contains the following ingredients: kojic acid, phytic acid, ascorbic acid, arbutin, titanium dioxin and retinyl palmitate (vitamin A type), all of which block the enzyme tyrosinase.

What skin problems can Cosmelan be used for?

  1. Melsma (pregnancy mask)
  2. Freckles
  3. Sun damage
  4. Skin Rejuvenation
  5. Age spots
  6. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation ( pigmentation after inflammation)

How does it work?

The Cosmelan treatment consists of two parts.

You will come to our institute 5 to 10 days prior to the Cosmelan 1 treatment for a preparatory peeling, the skin should be prepared for the Cosmelan treatment.

The Cosmelan treatment is a very intensive treatment during which a strong peeling will occur. Therefore it is necessary to use a good preparation and post-treatment. Also, the skin may look red and irritated. Finally, it is very important to use the home treatment products on a daily basis to protect your new skin up to 6 months after the treatment. These products are included in the Cosmelan pack.


5 to 10 days after the preparatory peeling you will come to our institute and Cosmelan 1 will be applied, this is an intensive mask which should remain on the skin for a long time. This mask should remain in place for 8 to 12 hours (depending on the skin condition), you wash it off yourself at home with a cold/blue (dark) flannel and continue to apply the Melan recovery and the Mesoprotech Melan 130+ SPF Pigment Control for 2 days.


After 2 days you will come back to our institute for a check-up, after which you will receive the Cosmelan 2 home care cream, which is a weaker version of the Cosmelan 1 mask.
The Cosmelan 2 is applied in a thin layer all over the face followed by the Melan Recovery and Mesoprotech Melan 130+ SPF Pigment Control. You use the Cosmelan 2 two to three times a day for 2 months. When the pigmentation has strongly decreased after these 2 months, you reduce to once a day and eventually to several times a week. In case of severe pigmentation or melasma it is recommended to use the Cosmelan 2 home care cream for at least 6 months.

The after-treatment

become red and swollen. In case of very sensitive skin, itching may occur. Other side effects may include a slight burning or tightness of the skin; this is, however, a normal reaction of the skin. From the 2nd or 3rd day, flaking may occur on all skin types. It is very important not to pull the flakes.

One week after the treatment, the skin starts to improve. The best results are seen between 1 to 4 weeks and occur in 95% of cases. Pigmentation spots are significantly reduced or disappear, the skin does its rejuvenating work and restores radiance and softness.

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