Skin ageing is caused by internal and external factors. It affects everyone sooner or later.
From the age of 25, the decrease of collagen and elastin in the skin starts. The extent to which a person suffers from it depends on the amount of UV radiation to which your skin is exposed, air pollution, stress, lifestyle and hereditary factors.

With this treatment, we tackle the consequences of skin ageing. The treatment is suitable for everyone (young/old) who suffers from skin ageing

What are the benefits of the Mesoéclat treatment?

This method has been specially developed to activate the skin’s defence mechanism. Cell renewal is stimulated by this treatment in the skin, so that your skin regains its vitality and elasticity. As a result, your skin will again be able to fight against the various skin ageing factors. The Mesoéclat anti-ageing treatment is massively used worldwide; big world stars are fans of these treatments and undergo them regularly.

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