“Your feet never have a day off, so take good care of them!”

Discovering (and conquering) the world is done on your feet. More than that, they do the heavy and dirty work, every day! So a foot massage and toenail care is no superfluous luxury. A pedicure treatment does not only result in beautifully cared for feet, but also remedies specific foot complaints. It is suitable for everyone and an absolute must for people who stand or walk a lot for professional reasons.

What we offer

The Artistry Beauty team provides foot care from A (awkward) to Z (blissful), such as:

  • cutting of toenails;
  • removal of calluses;
  • treatment of corns;
  • repair of ingrown toenails;
  • caring for cracks.

For people with a medical condition such as diabetes, rheumatism or dementia, a pedicure is highly recommended.

Even when there is no medical need, a foot treatment with a foot bath and scrub is an ideal way to relax and give your feet the attention they deserve. Athletes, for example, will also benefit greatly from it.

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