Brow lift

Brow Chica Wow Wow  (ofwel: Never underestimate the power of a perfect brow)

The brow lift is the beauty trend of 2020! Our Artistry Beauty brow experts are therefore very enthusiastic to shape your eyebrows with this treatment. This brow care is known under different names. To avoid confusion, we’ll just list them here: brow lift, brow lamination and brow lift. These names all refer to the same brow treatment.

A Brow Lift: what is it?

Brow lifting is a new treatment where your natural eyebrow hairs are placed in the right direction. This is done with the aid of a special brow lift lotion. This immediately makes your eyebrows look much fuller and tighter. The result looks very natural. A brow lift remains visible for approximately 6 weeks. This depends on the growth cycle of your eyebrows. Because we work with the own eyebrow hairs, this treatment is mainly suitable for people with curly, tangle, downward pointing eyebrow hairs. The treatment is not suitable if you have thin, fine, short or very few eyebrow hairs.

The brow lift is a complete treatment, i.e. including tinting and shaping (waxing, tweezing and styling) of the eyebrows. This treatment can also be performed with Henna paint. Each treatment concludes with an intensely nourishing serum containing keratin, argan oil, castor oil and vitamin E.

Besides the regular brow lift, there is also another style called fluffy brows. In this brow lift, the eyebrow hairs are styled so that they stand straight up from the base of the eyebrow. This treatment is not possible for any type of eyebrow. If you are interested in this, please do not hesitate to contact us. After an expert analysis of your eyebrows, we will look together at which eyebrow treatment is possible.


  • pregnancy and/or breastfeeding;
  • allergy to the Brow Lift lotion;
  • allergy to hair dye
  • acne and/or eczema near the eyebrows;
  • skin damage near the eyebrows;
  • sunburnt skin;
  • psoriasis or eczema in the eyebrows;
  • recently placed permanent make-up (PMU);
  • use of hormone ointment on the eyebrows;
  • recent chemical peeling, laser treatment and/or injectables;
  • freshly painted eyebrows = wait 2 weeks.


For the first 24 hours after treatment it is forbidden to:

  • wet the eyebrows;
  • going to the sauna or swimming;
  • exercising (due to perspiration);
  • using eyebrow styling products or make-up;
  • undergoing facial treatments.

Always avoid:

  • tinkering with the eyebrows;
  • combing the eyebrow hairs against the growth.
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