Lash lift

“I’m not perfect but my lashes are.”

Would you like to give your lashes more volume and make them look longer? But don’t want the hassle of false eyelashes and find eyelash extensions high maintenance? Then a Lash + Volume + Lift (LVL) lash treatment is ideal for you.

The LVL-treatment

The LVL treatment is an eyelash lift in which your natural eyelashes are curled with the help of small, silicon rods. As the lashes are curled from the lash root, they are lifted to the maximum and look longer. The result is a real eye-catcher: an open look with perfectly curled, long, voluminous lashes that are neatly separated from each other. Bye-bye eyelash curler! Also mascara is no longer a must. Sometimes an occasion does call for a more dramatic look. Thanks to the lash lift you can easily apply your mascara and with double the effect.

The treatment is suitable for all eyelash lengths. Both for short and long lashes. The best result is visible on medium or long eyelashes. The eyelash lift takes about an hour. Afterwards you can enjoy the result for 6 to 8 weeks. Without the aftercare that an eyelash extension requires. In short: quick, easy and not damaging to your lashes!

Last but not least, you can upgrade an eyelash lift with a Lash Botox: an intensely nourishing eyelash mask. This mask contains various vitamins, oils and proteins. Thanks to this nourishing lash care, your lashes will become thicker, longer and healthier.

It is really very important that you follow the guidelines for the aftercare of your eyelash extensions! Then you can enjoy them up to 4 weeks. Will they grow out after a while? Then you can have the eyelash extensions touched up again.

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