“Glowing skin is always in.”

The term Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion may not mean anything to you. But if we compare this treatment to the (gentle) sandblasting of your face, you might be able to imagine it?

The treatment

Microdermabrasion is actually nothing more than an intensive peeling of the top layer of skin (the epidermis). It is this layer that makes your skin look grey. This is because it contains, among other things, dead skin cells. The deep cleansing happens in a very special way. During this unique peeling, micro-crystals are blown against the skin with the help of a device. These polish the skin layer and destroy the dead skin cells. Because the device also sucks in vacuum, the dead cells are immediately removed. This stimulates cell division, blood circulation and the skin renewal process, among other things. The result of microdermabrasion is therefore clearly visible: a new, soft and beautiful skin without irregularities. This is because the recovery process has resulted in the production of collagen and elastin.

The special thing about microdermabrasion is that the intensity of the deep cleansing process can be fully adjusted to your specific skin condition. An entirely personalised body care therefore.


Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion can be used all over the body and is recommended for:

  • improving the skin structure (e.g. rough spots on the arms);
  • fading fine lines and incipient wrinkles;
  • impure skin, clogged and/or enlarged pores, blackheads;
  • pigmentation spots;
  • skin irregularities;
  • sun-damaged skin;
  • (acne) scars;
  • stretch marks or cellulitis;
  • ingrown hairs (bikini line).
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