Lip pigmentation

Lip pigmentation is a semi-permanent make-up technique in which we adjust the lip colour. With this technique, we can optically enlarge the lips and conceal/eliminate assymetry. Want to get up every day with radiant lips? Then this is the ideal treatment!

This treatment takes about 2 hours. At the start of the lip pigmentation you can discuss with the specialist what colour you would like. It is very important to have the touch-up after 6 weeks. This will make the pigmentation more beautiful and the result will last longer. Lip pigmentation lasts 2 to 5 years. This varies from person to person. With lip fillers or the choice of light colours, the durability may be less.


  • We kunnen de lippen optisch vergroten
  • Pigmentverlies op de lippen aanpassen
  • Mooiere, duidelijke vorm van de lippen
  • Ophelderen van de natuurlijke kleur door te verlichten of verdonkeren


  • pregnant women
  • breast-feeding women
  • customers with cardiovascular disease
  • clients taking blood thinners
  • herpes
  • in the presence of a fever blister at the time of the treatment

Do you already have old PMU on your lips and would like to have it touched up? Then please send us a photo first so that we can discuss the possible options with you.

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